Wholesale Candles UK

Wholesale Candles UK

If you operate a retail outlet such as a Gift Business, Garden Centre, Visitor Centre or Market Stall and are looking for something amazing and different to offer your customers, Busy Bee Candles are here to supply you.  With a range of over 200 fabulous fragrances offered in several ranges of candles together with our best selling wax melts including our best selling amazing Magik Beanz® product, we have something for every budget, style and customer.

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Busy Bee Candles are proud to only offer natural wax home fragrance products. You won’t find any crude oil derived paraffin in our line up. Just clean burning, very highly scented and environmentally friendly soy wax. An added benefit your business can be proud of too.

The market for home fragrance products seems to be unstoppable with continued growth year on year. Join with Busy Bee Candles in offering our premium products and say hello to a high margin revenue stream with great UK manufacturer service.

Popular Products

Magik Candle®

A revolutionary new scented candle from Busy Bee Candles. Say goodbye to wicks and flames and say hello to incredible, controllable home fragrance! A unique Scented Candle from Busy Bee Candles!

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Electric Wax Warmers

Beautiful Electric Wax Warmers featuring hand made mosaic glass shades, variable heat switches and removable glass wax trays for easy cleaning. So easy to use and sure to draw admiring glances.

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Magik Beanz®

An incredible Wax Melt product from Busy Bee Candles. Amazingly highly scented, very easy to use and provides strong fragrance for a long time! Different scents can be blended to create unique fragrances too. The perfect Wax Melt! 

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Gift Set Tubes

Beautifully packaged Gift Sets featuring a variety of our most popular fragrances in our Magik Beanz®, a Mini Teardrop Burner and a Tea Light. Everything you need for immediate, incredible home fragrance!

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Wax Melt Selection Boxes

Gorgeous Wax Melt Selection Boxes featuring 12 different fragrances each. Looks beautiful, smells even better. Could this be the perfect gift for the Wax Tart lover in your life?

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Scented Advent Calendars

A wonderful Scented Advent Calendar featuring 24 different Christmas themed wax melts. One for each day of Advent and the perfect way to get into the Christmas mood on the run up to the big day!

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Crackling Wick Christmas Candles

Gorgeous treats for Christmas cheer. Beautiful hand crafted Christmas Scented Candles featuring crackling wooden wicks, amazing fragrance combinations and sparkle! Dramatic, beautiful and sure to put you in the Christmas mood!

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