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New Busy Bee Candles Magik Beanz are simply amazing! Super strength mini wax tart melts to use in your tart warmer.

How to use

  • Place a minimum of 5 Magik Beanz in the reservoir of your tart warmer (tea light or electric warmer).
  • You can use a single fragrance for a huge hit of your favourite or mix various scents to create something new and possibly unique to you! Take a look at our Magik Beanz Recipes for inspiration – Magik Beanz Recipes.
  • Light a tea light beneath & sit back (or switch on your electric warmer). The fragrance wave is on it’s way!
  • Add more Magik Beanz of the same scent or experiment as you need. 
  • Clean your burner by following our short guide (not for electric warmers) – Clean Wax Tarts From Burners
  • Start all over again with a fresh batch of Magik Beanz when you feel like it.

These are the strongest scented home fragrance wax tart product we know of. They come to you in lovely little resealable pots with an average of 15 Magik Beanz per pot. Take a look at our full range, around 200 fragrances, here – Magik Beanz. Most of all, have fun experimenting with Busy Bee Candles Magik Beanz.

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