Wax Melt Warmers

Christmas Fragrances

Here at Busy Bee Candles, we believe our accessories should be of the same quality as our Wax Creations. That’s why we offer a range of incredibly beautiful, very high quality Electric Wax Warmers.

All Busy Bee Candles Electric Wax Warmers feature dimmable switches for adjustable heat and brightness as well as removable wax trays for ease of cleaning. Simply the best available!

If you’ve tried other electric wax warmers and have been disappointed, we totally understand. Many get barely warm enough to melt wax never mind launching that fragrance you want to smell. Not so with the Busy Bee Electric Wax Warmers. The performance can be as strong or as subtle as you like. Simply adjust the switch for the fragrance throw to suit you! We even offer spare bulbs and replacement wax trays if your bulb finishes or you break a tray.

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Dimmer Switch

Wax Tray