Haunted House LED Electric Wax Warmer


Brand new from Busy Bee Candles! A beautiful colour changing LED electric wax tart warmer in a unique design. Not just any Electric Wax Warmer, a VariColour LED Electric Wax Warmer!

Haunted House is a gorgeous Halloween Wax Warmer that’s simply fun and festive. The colour changing aspect fits in perfectly with the sky changing from a bright orange to a deep green, blood red and a dark blue. Stunning! The castle, bats and cemetery just add to the spooky atmosphere. A brilliant warmer your whole family will the love.

Watch the video here – https://youtu.be/KVZetMu0lSc

Busy Bee Candles VariColour LED Electric Wax Warmers feature an inline on-off switch and a thick walled glass wax dish that sits above the electric heater plate within.

Simple to use and very effective. Just load a few Magik Beanz, a wax tart or a chunk from our Fragrance Bars in the wax dish and switch on. Enjoy amazing fragrance for hours!

30 Watts. There is no replaceable bulbs in these warmers. The lighting display constantly varies and the temperature is pre-set.

Size: 16.5cm high x 10.5cm across (approximate dimensions).

Image is indicative as the colours vary. The chrome ring is removable for easy removal of the glass wax dish. The pattern is printed onto an insert that sits within the glass wax warmer body (and not on the glass).

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Emerald, Blue, Green


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