Spring Clean Duo Magik Beanz




Spring Clean from Busy Bee Candles features 16 super strong Magik Beanz soy wax melts. 8 are powerfully scented with a super strong lemon fragrance and 8 are scented with a beautiful and delicate just washed laundry scent. Combined these to make the ultimate Spring Clean fragrance. Add more lemon or more laundry fragrance, you decide how strong and how it smells! A perfect fragrance to freshen and invigorate your spring and early summer home.

A fabulous innovation from Busy Bee Candles. Duo Magik Beanz features two wonderfully complementary fragrances to match the time of year and the mood in one Magik Beanz Pot! You add more or less of each fragrance to create your perfect scent.

These little Magik Beanz are simply amazing. The most highly scented Wax Tart Melt product offered by Busy Bee Candles. Each little Magik Bean is a little fragrance bomb designed to totally fragrance your home for hour after hour. Place at least 4 magik beanz in your Wax Tart Warmer and experience fabulous fragrance for hours. Choose a single fragrance or mix up the scents to create your own unique home fragrance. Try some of these recipes. Highly recommended for whole house fragrance.

Each pot of Busy Bee Candles Magik Beanz Duo contains an average of 16 highly scented mini melts. Average fragrance time for a pot of Magik Beanz Duo is approximately 20 hours!



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