Hot Shots

Hot Shots

Amazingly fragrant mini wax tart melts to use in your tart warmer. Super strong scent throw and intended to be used in groups of a single scent or groups of mixed scent to create your very own fragrances. There is a world of fragrance for you to invent and play with!

These are the most powerful wax tart melts we know of. 25% stronger than our already strong Magik Beanz!

Experiment with different fragrance combinations and most of all have fun blending your own Hot Shots fragrances.

Each pot of Hot Shots contains 5 amazingly strong Magik Beanz. Use 2 Hot Shots Beanz to begin with and adjust to suit your preference by adding more.


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Spice & Herb Classic Scented Candles

Spice & Herb

Speciality Classic Scented Candles


Hot Shots Recipes

Busy Bee Candles Hots Shots are designed to be mixed. Use, 1, 2 or more scents to create your own unique scents. Blend Orange Pop with Sherbet Lemon or Cola Cubes With Lush Cherry. The possibilities are almost endless!

Take a look at some of our suggested recipes

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