Magik Beanz®

Magik Beanz

Busy Bee Candles Magik Beanz®. Our flagship Wax Tart Product. Stronger, better, easier to use than anything you’ve come across previously.

Available in huge selection of over 200 amazing fragrances and packing a punch big enough to fragrance entire homes. This is our most popular Wax Tart product.

Use a single fragrance or groups of mixed scents to create your very own combinations. There is a world of fragrance for you to invent and play with using Magik Beanz®!




Spice & Herb


Magik Beanz Recipes

Busy Bee Candles Magik Beanz are designed to be mixed. Use, 1, 2 or more scents to create your own unique scents. Blend Orange Pop with Sherbet Lemon or Cola Cubes With Lush Cherry. The possibilities are almost endless!

Take a look at some of our suggested recipes…..

User Information

How to use and get the most from your incredible Busy Bee Candles Magik Beanz® Wax Tarts.

Watch this short video and find out how to get the most from your incredible Busy Bee Candles Magik Beanz®!